Julie Ewald

Prior to beginning Impressa Solutions, Julie was a successful freelance writer and editor with a passion for helping businesses craft clever on-brand copy. However, there are only so many blog posts, product descriptions, articles, and such which one woman can write, so Impressa Solutions was born.

Julie has a diverse set of experiences which lend themselves well to assisting clients in a variety of industries, in many capacities. Her background includes working as a regional promotions coordinator and trainer for a Fortune 500 company, a business and investment consult for a boutique firm, a career coach for a non-profit, and a social media manager for a promising startup. She can also make a mean margarita and might be able to do a solid pre-delivery walk around on a Volkswagen if she really wanted to. Julie holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English and History, and she has additional training in public speaking, business creation, sales, and customer service.

Julie enjoys travel, baseball, cooking, learning languages, fitness, and personal development. Presently, she is attempting gardening. A native of Milwaukee, WI, Julie calls Las Vegas, NV home. She previously resided in Arezzo, Italy and Madison, WI. Julie lives with her cat, Bunnybutt.