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October 25: Hacking Your Fears (in Life & Business)

Fear can be a huge hurdle to starting a business, changing careers, building your brand, and realizing your goals. Have you ever been afraid to make a decision for your business or career? Have you ever worried about “what people will think?” Have you ever been paralyzed by the fear of failing? Rae Hoffman knows […]

September 19- Presenting Bill Hunt

For our September WorkHacker meeting, Bill Hunt will speak directly with veterans who are interested in learning more about his success, and how he transitioned his military experience into a successful digital marketing career. He will tell you what you need, how long it will take, what to expect, and how to get started. If […]

Join Us in Spetmber!

Bill Hunt will be speaking to veterans on how to successfully¬†move from military life to civilian life. Please join us September 19. More information¬†coming…