About WorkHacker


About WorkHacker Meetups

WorkHacker was established to serve the working community and those with career aspirations. We provide education, fast-paced learning about career opportunities in the North Texas area, and help unite top local business people, expert speakers, and businesses for the cause.

Each WorkHacker Meetup designed to be fun, uplifting, hopeful, energetic, visionary, socially warm, fast-paced, informative, innovative, satisfying, delightful, serious, purposeful, giving, and motivating.

About The April 11 Conference

1-day conference that will excite and enlighten on the next best biggest careers in digital marketing. By attending the WorkHacker Conference, you will accelerate your opportunities in the digital space.

Conference highlights include:

Keynote: Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale

Houston’s most famous citizen* talks about his rise to success with Gallery Furniture, and all of the factors you need for your own personal success.

* Of course, President Bush is the most famous citizen…

Personal Branding: You are the Brand. Why it is Imperative for Both Individuals and Companies
This one-hour panel discusses how companies are comprised of, and defined by, many personal brands.

Student Spotlight
Students will talk about the following:

  1. Their major field of study, and graduation date
  2. Why they chose their major
  3. What kind of job are they looking for…
  4. Where do they see themselves in ten years

Dogpile 20:20:Digital Marketing Certifications
Beyond a degree, you need specialization. Learn about these money making certifications, with all of your questions answered.

Culture Index Presents: Opportunities in Digital: Making Sure You Are in The Right Place
You can spend 20 years finding out the hard way, or you can spend 40 minutes doing it the easy with this potentially life and career changing talk.

The conference is hosted by Rob Garner and Dan Sturdivant, veteran digital marketers and community activists. The Digital Career Center is the conference benefactor.