WorkHacker: Passion, Productivity, Prosperity

WorkHacker: Passion, productivity, prosperity

TheWorkHacker conference is a one-day conference designed to help enlighten persons considering opportunities in digital marketing. The conference benefits the Digital Career Center and is free to students and vets. 

The conference is being held April 11, 2016, at the University of Texas/Dallas, Jindal School of Management. Join the over 200 attendees as you are prepped for opportunities in digital marketing and beyond.

Additional information:

WorkHacker is being established to serve the working community and those with career aspirations. We serve the North Texas community by providing education about career opportunities in the North Texas area, and uniting top local business people, expert speakers and businesses for the cause. The conference is designed to be fun, uplifting, hopeful, energetic, visionary, socially warm, fast-paced, informative, innovative, satisfying, delightful, serious, purposeful, giving, and motivating.

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